Thursday, August 20, 2009

The last bit, plus some work

The last bit of wood came.

Now I know, in earlier specs I gave, I listed the body wood also being Lacewood. I got the lacewood, glued it together, but realised that the company I got it from had terrible quality control, and the wood is basically unusable (Partially my fault, but also theirs).

So, I had to buy new wood. I could get lacewood, but getting lacewood that thick and that much (Without being super pricey), is just near to impossible. So, I changed my thoughts. What wood could I get that isn't lacewood, but still has the tone I want?

Well, I could go with mahogany. But everyone does mahogany, and this is, afterall, an exotic build. My next thought was bubinga, which has a middle-or-the-road tone, and incredible sustain. It's downsides are that its rare, and expensive, and the heaviest thing on the planet.

After searching more and more and more and more, I finally decide on something. Its called Limba, though often reffered to as Korina. Many guitar luthiers consider it the holy grail of tone wood. It has mahogany's lows (Very powerful, present bass), with alder's high (Nice distinct treble), and maple's clarity. It's perfect. It's also what was used in the first Gibson Flying V's and Explorers.

It's also poisonous. It's splinters will give you rashes, and its sawdust will give you headaches/migrains if you breath it in.

Oh well.

Basically, I ordered it a week before I left to the States on holiday, hoping I could work on it before I left.
It came the day after.

I've just started doing some (very small) work on it, and I love it already.

So, here are some pictures!

Back of the wood (This is what will be shown, on the back of the guitar):


Up close grain:


Top wood (With Firebird outline. It barely fit!):

Body with template

So as you can see, the wood is a blonde colour, with very open pores and a nice subtle grain. Will look awesome!

I'm hoping tomorrow I can take it to the bandsaw to get it cut out, then possibly get a drum sander to sand the sides smooth.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I just stumbled across this blog and now that I've read it all, I'm dying to see how the guitar turned out!! How about one last update?